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"The only effective approach to quality is to make it part of your culture, this is our aim."



Many companies seeking continuous improvement have a major problem sustaining their gains. Most often this is not because of the technical materials involved; rather they do not properly manage the change process.


In addition to being skilled in the technical subject matter, we use a variety of consulting techniques and tools to obtain information which allows you to then manage the change process. Prior to initiating any change process, the Management Readiness Assessment gives us insight as to the needed pre-implementation steps. In addition, during the entire process of planning, training, implementation and follow-up, the Cultural Matrix is used to evaluate the effects of the implementation so needed countermeasures can be evaluated and implemented.


Quality Consultants begins by providing the training, guidance and consultation so the needed changes to the business can be implemented to meet the goals of increased profits and better customer service. Finally, and this is our uniqueness, we will provide the guidance and on-going support so these changes can be made a permanent part of your culture . Whether it's six sigma training or lean manufacturing consulting and implementation, our consultants will help you not only implement change, but to manage it as well.

Cultural Change Initiatives

Cultural Evaluation and Modification - Learning how to evaluate and manage it's corporate is the most powerful technique available to drive a company to meet its goals and objectives. We often find that little thought is given to a company's unique culture and most often the top management simply chooses some other culture to emulate. There are reasons that cultures are different and the culture for a fast-food restaurant will not work for a professional sports franchise any more than that culture will work for the typical manufacturing firm. But the implementation and management of any corporate culture change initiative can be a difficult path to negotiate: our consulting team can guide you toward finding the type of culture that is best suited for your business and then assist you in the necessary modifications so that your business can be at its competitive best.

Lean Manufacturing - This is often called the Toyota Production system and sometimes, although incorrectly, called the Just-In-Time Manufacturing System. It is a comprehensive set of techniques, which when combined and matured, will allow you to reduce and then eliminate the 7 wastes . This system not only will make your company leaner in the sense of less waste, your firm will also be able to be more responsive to the needs of your customers. Quality Consultants specializes in lean manufacturing consulting, training and implementation.

Six Sigma - Six Sigma is a project-based, problem solving methodology which uses basic as well as powerful statistical methods to solve business problems and drive money to the bottom line of the corporation. Properly managed, this approach to cultural change will earn $10 for every $1 spent. Six Sigma training initiatives are an increasingly popular way for corporations to gain a competitive advantage, and our training team can help you effectively implement these strategies.

Technical Training - There are a wide variety of tools which can effectively act as cultural change agents. These are not as comprehensive as those mentioned above, but all can be very effective methods to augment the bottom line as well as develop the culture to be more competitive for your situation. The tools fall into two general areas. There are Human Resource tools such as Advanced Facilitation Skills and Hoshin-Kanri Planning, and there are powerful statistical tools as well. Some of the statistical tools include Statistical Process Control and Designs of Experiments. Through our intensive quality consulting process, our experts will determine which of these tools are right for your business, and will provide the training and support required of any corporate culture change program.


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